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Welcome to the cordage shop !

Proffessional and superior quality for all, not only for Czechs and Slovaks living abroad.

Business Description:

We produce, wholesale and retail ropes, tightropes, working and climbing ropes, cords, strings, nets and straps. For production we use natural materials ( jute, sisal hemp, hemp, cotton, linen ) and also synthetic materials ( polyamide, polypropylene ).

Other information:

Cordage knitting offers REEP cords, speleological ropes, avalanche ropes, rope ladders, hammocks, jute textiles, binding belts and nets. We supply all cordage products in lengths from 1m, in different widths, many diameters and in various colour designs and packing. We send goods on delivery.

We will be happy to send our products to Europe, US, Asia, Australia or Africa. Installation is managed through our partner network in various countries across US and Europe.